Richard Farrington

This is an all new website to compliment new directions in my work as it evolves. It shows selected public art projects and sculptures in various locations made since around 1990. New work is also outlined in the pages and each section is introduced as clearly as possible. There are links to my social media pages and an opportunity to join my mailing list so I can invite you to coming exhibitions and open days at my workshop. I am hoping the E-books will become a library in their own right and with Instagram and Facebook will fill in the gaps. Please feel free to contact me to arrange a visit to my studio and exhibition space


‘Archive’ shows sculptures made between 1998 and 2008 when RPF explored changes of scale giving banal objects epic qualities as monumental galvanized steel sculptures. Richard’s work goes back to 1978 when he left Corsham and images for those years will eventually find their way into these pages.

Celebrating the commonplace; encouraging wonderment in mundane objects such as a beautifully made 3 meter tall ‘Needle’s Eye’ with a huge length of tug boats rope. Giant Wishbones inviting people’s wishes. A Toast-rack and a Tea, (Chi) strainer made for an exhibition in a church alongside an Origami Celebration Bird that had apparently made its nest out of confetti. Bolt croppers and a Hammer (The Crown Jewels). Tuning Forks, A Child’s Jack, Fork and trowel, and a gigantic painted steel fried egg, totally Absurd. No doubt influenced by Klaus Oldenberg and Marcel Duchamp and JP Sartre.

During this time RPF exhibited widely. At Quennington, Newby Hall, Hilliers Garden, Hannah Peschar’s Sculpture Garden and at a variety of other venues including the Chichester and Chelmsford Cathedral Festivals.The full-size steel Bosendorfer grand piano was made for The Weigh-House, a bomb site in Southampton for an exhibition put on by Southside Arts in 2004. After meeting Nick Suffolk, Exhibitions Organiser for the Hampshire museum service in his garden full of sculptures the new sculptures became the touring show Sculpture Signs and Seats in 2005.

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