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This is an all new website to compliment new directions in my work as it evolves. It shows selected public art projects and sculptures in various locations made since around 1990. New work is also outlined in the pages and each section is introduced as clearly as possible. There are links to my social media pages and an opportunity to join my mailing list so I can invite you to coming exhibitions and open days at my workshop. I am hoping the E-books will become a library in their own right and with Instagram and Facebook will fill in the gaps. Please feel free to contact me to arrange a visit to my studio and exhibition space

Photograph by  Clare Park

Photograph by Clare Park

I was born in London in 1956, spent my school-days there and travelled overland to India before going to Bath Academy of Art in Corsham. Based in Alton in Hampshire, UK, I have made sculpture professionally for over three decades; creating works for public and private places, exhibition and experiment, out of steel, bronze and wood.

In recent years I've been working 'free-form', following ideas as they develop, creating a new body of work almost entirely in steel for potential exhibitions.  I am making dynamic new sculptures that I believe are completely unique, breaking ground in un-charted realms of practice and imagination. I was encouraged and very happy to win the Roy Rasmussen Award 2018 for the sculptures I showed at the Bargehouse; see E-books.

These days where statement and concept seem to be more important than object and material I struggle to find words for an activity that should, I think, go ‘beyond words'. I like the old idea of ‘Der Klang’ very much!

February 2019

My full CV can be downloaded here.

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